MTA-DE Public Service Research Group

I. About us

The research group is led by Tamás M. Horváth, and it was formed on the 1st of January, 2012. The project implemented by the „MTA– DE Public Service Research Group“ of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences and the University of Debrecen. Our main hypotheses were detailed on provision of public services at different territorial levels of government. There were different aspects, like administrative, property management, financial, public policy and policies of the European Union in this respect. Our basic hypothesis is that significant changes took place in these different fields of functions in the last decade. After the period of privatization a re-municipalisation also spread. Specialities of public property are focused more rigorously than before. After the crises in 2008, government functions increased in provision of public utility services. European policies had to face new challenges in this period. Our analytical studies deal with specification of these general contemporary processes.

Our interactive profiles, established in 2015, in order to widen professional up-dated communication between the group and the wider professional audience.Both the Hungarian ( and independently the (not simply translated) English language version ( are devoted to brake the information failures and monopolies concerning government functions of recent economic and social environment in this country and the wider Europe.

The research group has also launched the web based and open access Public Goods & Governance quarterly journal (ISSN 2498-6453) with a content similar to the interactive profiles. The journal include articles, shorter notes and commentaries based on theoretically and empirically grounded research and experiences on public goods, public service delivery and other public functions in a wide range of sectors, especially focused on contemporary challenges of governmental roles and new governance models in market economies.

Primary research areas

  • Regulation of public services in the EU;
  • Models of provision in solid waste management;
  • In-house procurement in public utility and communal services;
  • European models in health services at local and territorial levels;
  • Education as public service at different levels of government;
  • Local provision of public defence in different groups of countries in Europe.

For the description of the project, see: T. M. Horváth (2013) Szempontok a területi közszolgáltatások regulációs változásainak vizsgálatához [Aspects for Analysis of the Regulatory Changes in Local Public Services]. In: T. M. Horváth (ed.) Kilengések. Közszolgáltatási változások [Swings. Changes in Public Service Delivery], Budapest: Dialóg Campus, pp. 9–25.

Head of the research group

  • Tamás M. Horváth, DSc, head of department, professor of law


  • Regulatory Tools for Local Public Services (2012-2017)
  • The reassessment of state regulatory functions in public and private service provision (2017-2022)

Members of the research group

  • Tamás M. Horváth, DSc, group leader CV
  • Ildikó Bartha, PhD, senior research fellow
  • Péter Bordás, junior research fellow

Summary Of MTA-DE Public Service Research Group’s Studies

Annual report

Recently published books of the research group

  • Horváth M. Tamás és Bartha Ildikó (szerk.): Közszolgáltatások megszervezése és politikái -Merre tartanak?, Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 2016 [Tamás M. Horváth and Ildikó Bartha (eds.): The Organization and Sectors of Public Services:Where to go? (Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 2016)] Read more...
  • Horváth M. Tamás: Magasfeszültség. Városi szolgáltatások, Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 2015 [Tamás M. Horváth: High Tension Systems: Urban Services (Dialóg Campus Publishing, Budapest-Pécs, 2015)] Read more...
  • Horváth M. Tamás és Bartha Ildikó (szerk.): Gyűrűk és sugarak – Mit nyújt egy magyar város?, Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 2014 [Tamás M. Horváth and Ildikó Bartha (eds.): Rings and Avenues – What Services are Delivered by a Hungarian Town? (Dialóg Campus, Budapest-Pécs, 2014)] Read more...
  • New volume was released on 9 September 2014 with the title “Külön utak. Közfeladatok megoldásai” [Diverse Ways. Delivery of Public Services]. The book presents the findings of an international comparative research carried out by the MTA-DE Research Group as a part of its comprehensive project „Területi közszolgáltatások szabályozásai“ [Regulatory Tools for Local Public Services]. Read more...
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