The Faculty

Roots of legal education go back to 1742 in Debrecen. This is the reason why the Faculty of Law was one of the founding schools of the University of Debrecen in 1912. Today the Faculty is a dynamic, student-oriented and friendly institution that gained several academic excellence awards throughout recent years. Our school puts a significant emphasis on high-quality interdisciplinary teaching and research involving legal practitioners and respected academics from the region. The Faculty offers Hungarian and English language programs to students interested in legal and public administration sciences. The international study and research network of the faculty is extensive mainly in Europe and North American having cooperation with more than 40 foreign institutions worldwide. This network gives an excellent opportunity to students who wish to pursue short-term studies abroad during their university years in Debrecen. 70% of faculty members hold a PhD title proving their dedication to research and education at the same time. Some of our professors are serving as editorial board members of international law periodicals and are also active members of respected international organizations and associations around the globe. The 54 full time faculty members and around 20 adjunct professors are teaching and researching various aspects of legal and political sciences under 12 departments. The international communication and language team of the school offers English, German and French language trainings to make students more experienced with international and European legal terminology.

The Law Library offers an extensive collection of English volumes as well as subscription to a large number of relevant international law reviews and periodicals. The library’s electronic system provides easy access to most articles to students. Education buildings offer a comfortable and modern environment in a fully facilitated campus.
The Faculty of Law has around 2,200 students enrolled in our JD, paralegal, public administration, LLM and PhD programs. The Doctoral School of the Faculty of Law welcomes dedicated researchers from around the world offering them the opportunity to conduct legal research in virtually all areas of jurisprudence in either Hungarian or English language. The Law School is also engaged in professional post-graduate legal education providing short-term trainings and study programs to legal professionals in the region.

Programs offered by the Faculty of Law include the European and International Business Law LLM program, a popular and well-known master program designed for the needs of those interested in business transactions in the international market. Our scholarly educated faculty gained experience in teaching international students in Western Europe and in the United States of America and used this experience to build up the curriculum for the LLM program. Visiting professors are common, arriving from other EU member states and the U.S. offering elective courses to those interested in specific areas of international business law. The wide array of elective courses during the program helps customize and personalize the experience and training while studying international and European business law in Debrecen. The LLM program’s mission is to provide detailed knowledge for lawyers on the complex European and international business relations focusing on the operation and legislation of the European Union, and on the rules regulating international commercial activities, while developing legal English skills. Starting from 2015 the Faculty of Law offers the English language European and International Business Law LLM program to Romanian students on-site in Cluj Napoca as well.
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