Students conclude the LLM program writing a thesis.

Thesis topics are offered by the professors, however students may propose other topics as well. We advise you to contact the desired supervisor by the end of the first semester or beginning of the second semester of your studies. A supervisor is appointed to each student guiding him/her through the thesis writing process.

Formal requirements Thesis has to be min. 80,000 characters including spaces and footnotes, and requires individual research on the chosen topic. Formal requirements include Times New Roman 12 font size (font size 10 for the footnotes), line spacing 1,5; table of contents, bibliography. Reference to sources are mandatory and must be indicated in footnotes. We suggest using the Harvard Bluebook style of referencing, however any form may be accepted if it contains full bibliographycal data and page number.

Thesis has to be submitted before the final exam. One hard copy is needed and must be submitted at the Students' Office. A pdf version of the complete thesis (cover, table of content, text, bibliography) shall be uploaded to the Library's website (see guide below for technical information). The colloquial part of the final exam starts with the oral defense of the thesis.

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