About the Faculty of Law at the University of Debrecen

About us

The Faculty of Law at the University of Debrecen is a dynamic, student-oriented and friendly institution. It places emphasis on high-quality interdisciplinary teaching and research. Its staff combines academic excellence with experience in legal practice, and offers its cooperation to students in achieving their individual goals. The Faculty of Law is among the top law schools in Hungary, and has been receiving high marks in national student satisfaction surveys (www.felvi.hu).

The teaching of law and administrative sciences has more than 200 years of tradition to look back in Debrecen. The Faculty of Law was re-opened in 1996 after a 50 year intermission following the suspension of legal education in Debrecen in the troubled year of 1949. Since 1996 the Faculty of Law has been fully accredited, and now offers taught undergraduate and postgraduate degrees, and a 3 year research degree (Ph.D.), in law and public administration.

The Faculty of Law has 7 full professors and the majority of its staff holds a Ph.D. Legal professionals working in the region are also invited to teach ’hands-on’ courses to students. Our teaching premises are located in a modern 2002 built social sciences centre on the Kassai Street Campus of the University dedicated to social sciences. The building contains 4 lecture theatres and 15 seminar rooms, specifically designed language rooms, a computer room. The Social Sciences Library holding an extensive (paper and digital) collection in law, economics and politics is attached to the teaching centre. Its collection in European economic and competition regulation, and in general economic regulation is exceptional in Hungary. Staff offices are located in the Law School Building on the campus.

The Faculty of Law has nearly 3000 undergraduate and postgraduate students. Our undergraduates can enter two degree courses, a BA in public administration (3 years) or a Master level university degree in law (5 years). Our BA students having obtained their first degree may wish to continue in a 3 year conversion course in law to obtain a full law degree. The Law School also offers a 2 year postgraduate MA course in public administration. Students interested in obtaining a higher degree by research may enter our Ph.D. programme in law. The Law School is also engaged in professional legal education offering postgraduate professional degrees in specialised areas of Hungarian law and in European Union law. For admission outside our foreign exchange programmes, please, contact the Faculty.

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The degree courses at the Faculty of Law operate on the basis of a credit-system. In this system students are required to take the compulsory and a certain number of elective modules. The law curriculum, as in case of any law faculty of Hungary, covers modules in legal history, roman law, constitutional law, private law, criminal law, administrative law, jurisprudence, politics, civil and criminal procedural law, European Union law, international public law, labour law, agricultural law, environmental law, financial law, commercial law and criminology. The public administration curriculum includes many of the law subjects but also places emphasis on specialist modules such as public management, regulation, or local governments. Studies are closed with final state-examinations. For the recognition of diplomas obtained outside Hungary, please, contact the Faculty.


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