5.th MetaLawEcon conference - Participants

  • Philip Langbroek (The Netherlands, Utrecht University)
  • Zoltán Fleck (Hungary, Eötvös Loránd University)
  • Nicolaas Bel (European Commission)
  • Mariusz J. Golecki (University of Debrecen, Hungary; University of Łódź, Poland)

The following day of the conference is dedicated to establishing the possibility of implementing an adequate quality-control system for adjudication through a deeper political and legal philosophical analysis of the nature of judicial activity. Where does adjudication stand between political decision-making and a professional activity? Can we measure the quality of adjudication in cases which might have serious political implications? What are the factors that courts can legitimately take into consideration when adjudicating legal claims (e.g. pressure from the mass and digital media)? These questions touch upon the issue of the proper balance between the idea of ‘fidelity to law’ and the judicial tasks of achieving substantive justice and providing legal remedies to rights claimants.

Case studies and theoretical explanations of these issues (in different contexts, such as theory of adjudication, ‘virtue jurisprudence’, legal sociology and moral philosophy) are equally welcome by either scholars or legal practitioners.

The conference is organised by the European and International Law Department, the Philosophy of Law Department and the Civil Procedure Department.

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