Our students

PhD Students of our English Program (2016/2017 Academic Year)

Year I.

Aldaoud Loiy Yousef Saleh (Jordan)
Multinational enterprises and their impact on the modern development of international business law  Prof. Dr. Mátyás Bencze
Bozdag Osman (Turkey)
A comparative study: the mergers and acquisitions of companies in the European Union and Turkish law   Dr. habil. Tamás Fézer
Sahin Caglar (Turkey)
Transactions concerning goods in international business law   Prof. dr. Mátyás Bencze
 Daniel Haitas
European Union-Ukraine relations in the context of EU external relations law and policy   Dr. Ildiko Bartha

Year III.

Huang Gui (People's Republic of China)
The criminal sanction system in Europe and China   Dr. Sándor Madai

Students who obtained PhD title

 Name  Topic Supervisor
 Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto (Republic of Indonesia)  Scope and effect immunity principles in international private and business law  Dr. habil. Tamás Fézer