U.S. Corporate Law Course with Prof. Webster L. Golden (Kansas, USA)

Under the scope of the successful Senior Lawyers Program, Professor Webster L. Golden visited the University of Debrecen Faculty of Law this Spring to give a mini-course on U.S. Corporate Law.

Prof. Golden works as a lecturer in Law, Business Planning and Taxation at the University of Kansas School of Law (Lawrence, Kansas), and he is also practicing as a lawyer specialized in taxation, corporate law, and state planning law. Prof. Golden and his wife (Joan) was in Debrecen for two weeks for the purpose to give a short course on Corporate Law between 29 February to 10 March to a truly international audience. More than 20 students joined the course, coming from the Hungarian J.D., and the English language European and International Business Law LLM and PhD programs.

The course covered various topics of corporate law in the United States, and explained specialties of international business relations. The short course (6 classes) gave a prospective on the substance and culture of practicing corporate law in the United States. Using his outstanding experiences, Prof. Golden explained the steps of company formation and operation in the United States. A particularly exciting topic was when he explained the current practice on how to set up non profit corporations under the scope of the limited liability company type for charity purposes. This seems to be a new trend since Mark Zuckenberg's decision to allocate 99% of the Facebook shares to a new charity LLC. Professor Golden also explained in detail the charitable or less charitable intents behind such decisions as they may be great ways for tax exemption.

All students were enthusiastic to attend the classes. The purpose of this course was to connect students to the topics of corporate law, so those with experiences in corporate law could hopefully widen their perspectives, while those with less experiences in this area of law could acquire some basic understanding of corporate law. As a closure of the course, Professor Webster L. Golden gifted Jayhawk (Kansas University Basketball team) pins to all students.

The Senior Lawyers Program will continue next semester too, and we are eager to provide this great opportunity of studying about the laws of the United States to our students enrolled in our English language LLM and PhD programs as well.

Dodik Setiawan Nur Heriyanto
PhD candidate